Community Leader, Trailblazer, Entrepreneur, and Founder of the Rollettes Dance Team, Chelsie Hill has dedicated her life to dance and encouraging others to pursue their passions despite the physical obstacles they face and the tribulations of life. At the age of seventeen, Chelsie, a senior in high school, was involved in a drunk driving accident which caused irreversible damage to her spinal cord and left her unable to walk. Even though adapting to paralysis has altered every aspect of her life, most devastatingly was the impact it had on her ability to dance. While recovering, Chelsie decided she would not submit to her disability and chooses to live her life daily with a no-limits attitude.


Following her injury, Chelsie wanted to meet other women her age and build community through dance in her hometown of Monterey, CA. With the launch of the Rollettes wheelchair dance team, Chelsie brought together a group of differently-abled women like herself, each with unmatched determination to find community and acceptance.


Chelsie’s dream of becoming a professional dancer propelled her to move to Los Angeles to pursue dance professionally. Chelsie started training in the most notable dance studios in LA as the only wheelchair dancer in her classes.


For many of the Rollettes, the team means much more to them. It’s about community and sisterhood. Expanding the Rollettes globally, Chelsie launched the Rollettes Experience, an annual weekend-long event bringing together women wheelchair users of all ages, from all corners of the world, to connect and form bonds with their peers through dance, workshops, and seminars. This past October, Rollettes held a wildly successful Rollettes Experience Virtual Live with special guests from the disability community such as Tony Award winner, Ali Stroker, and disability rights advocate, Judy Heumann.


Since its launch, Chelsie and the Rollettes have amassed a global movement of empowering women with disabilities and they are changing how society looks at disability. The team has gained visibility in the media with appearances on Ellen, Today Show, Instagram, Yahoo, Access Daily, KTLA, and Good Morning America to name a few. 

CH Dance.jpeg

Chelsie has found a larger purpose as a voice for the disability community, shining a light on inclusion in entertainment, fashion, and beauty. She is also a speaker and advocate for drunk and distracted driving, pushing through adversity and spinal cord injury awareness. In the last year, Chelsie has partnered with brands like Old Navy, Love Beauty and Planet, and Chapstick to promote inclusion and accessibility.


Through social media, Chelsie and the Rollettes® have started an international movement called “Be Boundless” based on encouraging others to live their life independently mentally, physically, and emotionally. Chelsie and the Rollettes team have developed the Boundless Babe Society, a mentorship program to train women in wheelchairs to break through barriers and chase their dreams.  


In 2021 Chelsie is looking forward to another successful Rollettes Experience, breaking more barriers and pursuing more advocacy opportunities for women with disabilities, and marrying the love of her life in September!