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Chelsie Hill is a professional dancer, community leader, content creator, wife, and mother. She is also a serial entrepreneur; she has  founded Rollettes, a Los Angeles based wheelchair dance team that’s committed to education, disability representation, and female empowerment, Rollettes Experience, the largest women's empowerment weekend for women and children with disabilities, and Boundless Talent Showcase, a showcase competition for all genders, disabilities, and talents. Last but not least she has started a virtual mentorship called Boundless Babe society to help women all over the world level up in life by providing tools, community, and leadership building.


At 17 years old, she was involved in a drunk driving accident, sustaining a spinal cord injury that resulted in paralysis from my waist down. The doctor told me “You are not going to be able to walk…” and my first response was, “Forget walking, I just want to dance.” and that's where it all started.


While adjusting to my new reality post-injury, I wanted to meet other young women like me and make friends. In 2012, I got on my social media and invited six women to my hometown of Monterey, CA to put on a performance in front of friends, family, and the local community.  With rehearsals, sleepovers, and a lot of girl time, we bonded over a few days and became a team. That’s how the Rollettes were founded!


From day one my dream was to be a professional dancer so in 2014 I moved to the dance capital of the world, Los Angeles, CA, and started taking able body dance classes at the top dance studios. It wasn’t easy at the beginning to be the only person in a wheelchair with a room full of able-bodied dancers, trying to adapt the choreography to fit my wheelchair and a lot of choreographers didn’t even give me the time of day. But my love and passion for dance outweighed anything that anyone could ever say to me and I wanted to prove to all of them that dance is dance, whether you’re walking or rolling.


When social media began taking off, I started following other dancers that were creating fun videos and dance challenges. I thought “Why can’t a person in a wheelchair dance and make cool videos? I don’t see it, so let’s create it.” The Rollettes and I started making our own videos and having fun with them. Purely started to see what was possible. I feel being able to show the world what you can do through social media is so amazing because we are so lucky we have that type of voice now. Where we have the power to show the world what we can do on our own terms. 



I surprised my biggest fan “Mayli” on the hit show “Little Big Shots’ hosted by Melissa McCarthy and loved being on the Sundance Channel's award-winning TV show "Push Girls." I am so honored to have partnered with some amazing brands like Aerie, Target, Love Beauty and Planet, Wells Fargo, Clorox, Tommy Hilfiger, Athleta, GymShark, Reebok, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.


Together with my team, we have built the largest network of women with disabilities across the USA and around the world.

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Queue: The Rollettes

After her injury, Chelsie wanted to connect with other women in chairs and build a strong community of women who support and encourage one another. What started as 7 girls in a small dance studio in Monterey, California has turned into the world's largest network for women with disabilities. 


As an entrepreneur, Chelsie created the very first women and kids empowerment event called the Rollettes Experience with seminars to empower, educate and connect the hundreds and hundreds of attendees who have traveled from across the country and 17 countries to attend every year on dance, fitness, yoga, makeup, special guest speakers and panels, pj party, pool party, talent showcase, and the Boundless Babe Awards. 


The goal as a company and team is to empower women with disabilities to live boundlessly and shift perspectives through dance. Chelsie and the Rollettes are creating a global movement of Boundless Babes by helping them become community leaders and live independent lives — mentally, physically, and emotionally.  


The Rollettes dance team were featured on Adam Levine’s series “Sugar” on YouTube Premium, Vanderpump Dogs on Peacock and performed in numerous special events such as Garden of Dreams Talent Show with the Radio City Rockettes, 86th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade, Redbull’s Wings for Life World Run, Disneyland, Festival Internazionale delle Abilità Differenti in Italy, and Gold meets Golden for the Golden Globes.


As a content creator, community leader, and personal brand, Chelsie and the Rollettes are highly sought out by production companies, producers and brands to create, produce and consult on projects for TV, Film, Commercials, YouTube and Social Media.

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Learn more about me, my hobbies & interests and what keeps me inspired. 

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