Chelsie Hill Speaking

"Chelsie Hill shared her powerful and tragic story in an emotionally gripping presentation. Her message has touched and positively impacted the students/parents of our community in more ways than can be measured. Chelsie's honesty and sincerity held the students attention throughout and drove home the points that when alcohol is involved-'It can happen to YOU' and 'Every choice matters!'"

Rick Brown

St. Paul High School

Santa Fe Springs, California

Through social media Chelsie and the Rollettes™ have started an international movement called “Be Boundless” based on encouraging others to live their life independently mentally, physically and emotionally. Chelsie speaks world wide on this topic and the others seen below.

Chelsie will traveling around the country performing and speaking and different events for the remainder of 2019 including the Wellness Your Way event in Cincinnati, Ohio on October 11th. 


Chelsie is available to speak to your audience on a wide range of topics including the below-

  • Drunk Driving

  • Following your dreams

  • Wheelchair Dancing

  • Push Girls Reality Show

  • Push Girl book

  • Dancing as an able body and now in a wheelchair

  • Acceptance

  • Bullying

  • Family/Parental communication

  • Living with a disability

  • Over coming obstacles

  • Finding your purpose

  • Turning a negative into a positive